Planting Paradise

Real estate practitioners know that curb appeal is important, but what landscaping features have the most visual impact?  You can spruce up a lawn by overseeding, but you need time for a new lawn to grow in.

For homes on the market, here are some recommend easier fixes.  If there’s an unsightly view of a neighbor’s home and yard consider adding a screening hedge of hollies, spruces, or arborvitae.  Color can be a big eye-catcher, so a large seasonal bed in front, giving life to an area where shrubs may be old and tired.  Color can be added at a mailbox as a focal point.

How much can home owners spend on a yard and still get a paycheck?  It depends on the home’s value.  For high end homes, I would suggest investing 10 to 12 percent, but if it’s a smaller less pricey home, maybe 8 percent.  An outdoor living area; with a fireplace, kitchen, pergola, or water feature; is a great way to enjoy a home without adding to it structurally.

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