Check Your Environmentally Friendly I.Q.

1. True or False? Greywater is wastewater that doesn’t contain sewage, such as water from laundry or bathing, that can be reused for irrigation.

2. True or False? Reclaimed lumber is wood taken from the deconstruction of a building.

3. True or False? “Engineered wood” refers to building materials made of plastic and  vinyl that mimic the properties of wood but last longer, saving thousands of trees.

4. True or False? “Greenwashing” means retrofitting a home with environmentally friendly upgrades.

5. True or False? Household appliances that achieve the highest standard of sustainability are called “green monsters”

6. True or False? A dual-flush toilet uses wastewater from a nearby sink to fill its tank.

7. True or False? The R-value of insulation indicates its resistance to heat flow, with a high R-value meaning greater insulation effectiveness.

8. True or False? “Passive solar” refers to solar panel that doesn’t follow the sun across the sky.

9. True or False? The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) rates a home from 0 to 100 with 100 being the most energy-efficient rating.

10. True or False? ET irrigation uses technology developed in the Andromeda Galaxy.


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