Top 5 Reported Luxury Homes Sold in 2010

While there’s no doubt that 2010 brought economic hardships for some, there is always a demand for beautiful luxury homes. Although gorgeous property can be found in almost any area, some of the top homes sold last year are located on the east and west coasts of North America. Below are the top 5 reported sales among listings featured on

Beginning in Greenwich, Connecticut, the lavish 21,897 square foot Dunnellen Hall holds 14 bedrooms and 13 full bathrooms. Views of astounding landscapes and architecture can be seen from all angles and include beautiful gardens, a reflecting pool and a tiered fountain. Other amenities include nine fireplaces, an indoor/outdoor pool, a full wine cellar and so much more. This extravagant 40+ acre property was listed at $55 million.

Moving to the opposite side of the country, Sonoma, California is home to the 11,605 square foot Shanel in the Wine Country, which was last listed at $35 million. Beautiful views of the country hillside are complimented by thousands of trees, flowers, shrubs and greenhouse plants and vegetables. The location of this home is perfect for outdoor amenities including, a hay barn and stables, riding arena and agriculture storage building. The 362-acre lot consists of two bedrooms, two full bathrooms and 11 total buildings.

The top third and fourth luxury properties of 2010 are both located in Honolulu, Hawaii. A Legendary 3,467 square foot Kahala estate provides unmatched views of the beach and mountains with four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a heated pool and large lawn. This is the first time the estate was up for sale since the 1930s, but that’s not the only historic value it brings – several guests were housed there including the Reagans, the Bushs, Clark Gable and many others. The estate was last listed at $24 million.

Not far from the Kahala estate, an open beachfront property was sold with a listing price of $22 million. With shopping, dining and resorts nearby, this location is perfect for building a home right on the ocean.

The fifth and final of the top 5 luxury properties of 2010 is back in Greenwich, CT, a 16,000 square foot home with a pool, tennis court and dock. Views consist of waterfront and foliage, and the property was listed for $20.75 million.

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