About Henda Salmeron

Integrity and Experience. As an award-winning Broker Associate with Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate, she is a proven specialist in the industry. Highly qualified and conscientious, she can always be counted on to listen and act in your best interest. Henda understands the complex and ever-changing housing market. Her expertise allows her to counsel and guide you, whether you are buying or selling a home, relocating, or any other real estate needs. From your first meeting, Henda will go to work on your behalf. Throughout the entire buying or selling process, she offers honest and professional advice every step of the way.

An expert negotiator you can count on. Henda knows the Dallas real estate market and has a keen eye for value. She tenaciously negotiates on your behalf and always represents your highest interest. She is your partner and makes your goals her own. As a tough but fair negotiator, she knows how to — and will — get you the smartest deal possible.

Absolute ally by putting her client’s needs first. Henda understands what it is like to be in transition and relates to the uncertainty that people experience when making a major life change. She helps people feel at ease during the home buying or selling process.

Expect the best and don’t compromise. Finding creative solutions to the challenges of buying and selling a home is her specialty, and providing you with her personalized service is her passion. No matter your price range, location need, or home size, you can count on Henda to deliver the perfect fit.

Constantly connected and easy to reach. Henda and her team always keep you informed through today’s technology. By using all the tools available, communication is seamless, even with the most demanding professional’s schedule.